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Version 1.0 released June 15, 2004
Version 1.1 released June 16, 2004 (serious bug fixed)
Version 1.2 released June 21, 2004 (1st SourceForge release, GPL added)

What Is It ?

The Asterisk Manager (am) is an HTML based configuration and management tool designed to work with the Asterisk PBX. It allows you to create dial plans using an easy to use HTML interface, and remotely configure and manage your Asterisk PBX. Administrative functions allow you to start and stop the PBX, create and modify configuration (.conf) files, and view call detail records.

The configuration of an Asterisk PBX using only SIP phones, for example, would require you to first create a profile, then enter the profile name, extension number, and IP address for each SIP phone. You would then stop and start the server using the new configuration files and be able to place calls between SIP phones.

If you run the Asterisk Manager on a system other than the Asterisk PBX system, you may create/modify configurations, but you can not administrate (start/stop the server, view CDRs, etc) the PBX. You can always install the config files later.

The Asterisk Manager is provided as open source PERL modules which you may do anything you like (except make them less free) with. If you have any questions send them to for now until we decide where to host the distribution.

To install simply extract the tar or zip to a location on your web server where you can run perl scripts from (typically cgi-bin or a location linked to there) then point your browser to

The user interface for creating and modifying extensions (SIP phones) is an HTML form which allows you to provide the extension number and IP address for each SIP phone and all the rest is generated by the system for you. Advanced screens are available that allow you to override the defaults for all parameters associated with a SIP phone.

This first release, as with many open source projects, is quite small and somewhat limited in functionality, however, the core is extensible and relatively easy to modify. Contributions are always appreciated. Send feedback to or